Saturday, April 21, 2007

++Poei Panward Hemmanee++Sexy Thai Star***

Another very cute Thai actress. Her name is Panward Hemmanee, nickname Poei. She has been appearing on some of the TV soaps as well as some entertainment events like the TV Pool '70's party.

Panward has also become quite popular at the Bangkok night clubs where she makes appearances now and then.

Panward takes a bath
Another one of those fun little promotional events. This one was for some spa products and featured Panward taking a bath in one of the merchant's tubs. Nothing too revealing of course. Just good clean fun. The pix were up on the forums and apparently came from the Siam Dara website, hence the big ugly red and white logo plastered across the photos.

Panward in M magazine
M magazine did a great job shooting Panward. She look so cute and adorable in this photo set. They have a short interview as well in which she talks a little about what is happening with her, and her very busy schedule, plus the anxiously awaiting the release of the remake of Bangkok Dangerous called Big Hit in Bangkok with Nicolas Cage.

Panward in Maxim magazine Thai edition
She says she never used to think of herself as sexy. In fact when she was young she was chubby and had a big round face. But she's grown up now and has made the cover of Maxim magazine Thai edition. She didn't have to diet. She just had to grow into those extra pounds. And if there is any baby fat left it just adds to her impish look that somehow makes her so appealing and popular.

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