Saturday, April 21, 2007

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Thai actress Pimpaporn Leenutpong, nickname Ping, has one movie to her credit. The title is Sayew which sort of means "horny". In the movie she plays Tao, a "tomboy" which is what we call a masculine lesbian in Thailand.

Tao is a writer for a adult magazine called Sayew (the movie's title). Problem is, Tao has no experience. So she decides to interview some people to get material for her writing. Interesting plot. Maybe I will try to watch this one.

Thai actress Ping Pimpaporn sure looks hot and sexy in this photo. Good hair, makeup, and camer work can make a big difference.

That little tattoo on her lower back is kind of sexy, too. It is photos like this that make a girl popular and get her a lot of votes in the world's sexiest women contest.