Thursday, June 28, 2007

Four-Mod thai singer (โฟร์ - มด)

Four-Mod thai singer (โฟร์ - มด

Twenty-one-year-old Sakonratt Worn-aurai (Four) and 16-year-old Chutimon Chairat (Mod) are currently at the top of Thailand’s girl-group heap. Since they made their debut two years ago, Four-Mod have been popping up everywhere — on TV, in the papers, on posters and on the radio.

Their bubblegum pop songs are popular in pubs and clubs, encouraging enthusiastic party-goers to get up and dance. The girls are keeping that energy going with their new album 'Wooo!', and a hectic, non-stop schedule. The pair told Student Weekly about their new album, their dramatically changed looks and what it’s like working in Japan.