Thursday, July 12, 2007

Nong natt kesarin chanapa.

natt chanapa

Most people know the story of Natt Chanapa aka Nong Natt aka Nett Kesarin. She is the Thai hottie who was involved in a scandal for her appearance in an adult movie. She is a very sexy lady, pretty and very curvy, and had done some pictures for various Thai men's magazines in the past. But it was the movie that made her well known. It was filmed in Japan and was very explicit. The problem is that making adult movies is illegal for Thai citizens, regardless of where they do it. So when word of the film got out the police investigated. Eventually she was charged and fined for it.

Update: Now a year after all the trouble it seems she might be making a reappearance. She appeared in a tabloid in some sexy photos. In the interview she said she is going to write a book and get back into modeling. She also revealed some information about the relationship of her and her "Tom" (Thai for a masculine lesbian woman).

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